Tinting Prices

Dan The Tinting Man uses the highest quality tint and comes with a lifetime warranty on workmanship and film. As we are an independent small business, we have low operating and advertising costs and can pass on big savings to our customers. Why spend $500 or more on window tint from franchises or car dealers when you can get it for less than half the price and still have the protection of a lifetime guarantee? Check out our prices here.

Where are you?

Dan The Tinting Man is located at 93 Richardson Road, Raymond Terrace NSW, Australia. We are just off the Pacific Highway, north side of Raymond Terrace.

Why tint?

Window tint not only looks good, but is beneficial in a number of ways.

  • Window tinting provides up to 99% UV protection, protecting you and your family from the sun’s harmful rays
  • Protects vehicle and property interior from fading
  • Blocks glare for safer driving
  • Acts as an insulator to keep the vehicle cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Added security and privacy
  • Reduces air conditioner running costs
  • Will my tint fade, turn purple or get air bubbles?
  • Dan The Tinting Man provides a lifetime guarantee on workmanship and film. Our window tint is of premium quality, is fully metallised and has superior optical clarity. If it turns purple or bubbles, we will repair/replace it free of charge.

Can we come to you?

Dan The Tinting Man does offer on-site tinting services for heavy machinery and trucks for a small additional fee. We do however have new facilities specifically set up for trucks up to 5m high. Cars and 4WD are all tinted on our secure premises.

What do you tint?

If it’s glass, we can tint it. We have a large range of different tint available including reflective tint which is great for your privacy needs and frosted tint which is ideal for bathrooms and glass panels on front doors. We have tint suitable for caravans and RVs, as well as darker tint for buses and commercial vehicles. We also provide tinting services (glass upgrades) for Family Day Care businesses.

When are you open?

Dan The Tinting Man is open Monday – Friday from 8am to 6pm. Drop off and pick up can be arranged outside these hours if required.

What is window stripping/removal?

Window stripping is the removal of unwanted window tint that has faded or bubbled. This occurs when cheap non-metalised tint has been applied. We can remove old window tint using professional tools that will protect the glass and rear demisters. If you are selling your car, Dan The Tinting Man recommends you remove unattractive old tint to increase the value of your car. It is also important to remove old tint for safety and visibility reasons.

What payment do you accept?

We accept cash, credit card, PayPal and cheques. Paypal and credit card payments will incur a 2% surcharge.

How dark/light should I go?

Dan The Tinting Man has a large range of window tint. Feel free to visit us to view samples and receive an obligation free quote by contacting us on (02) 4987 1279, 0411 859 867 or by email. View a copy of the RMS’s tinting guidelines. We have also included a reference image below to help you determine which film will suit you best.

The Tinting Man