Automotive Tinting

Dan The Tinting Man provides window tinting for cars, utes, trucks and buses. We also tint windows on caravans and tractors. We use premium carbon-ceramic window film that comes with a lifetime warranty on workmanship and film.

We have the darkest legal tint available for vehicles. We are very competitive in price, yet still offer a professional service with a lifetime guarantee on both the quality of our tint and workmanship.

Window Tint Stripping/Removal

Dan The Tinting Man offers an old window tint removal service. We take the time and dedication to remove the unwanted window tint and avoid damage to your window surfaces. This is an affordable way to improve your vehicle’s appearance, visibility and safety.

Custom Art Work

We can also provide you with custom window tint graphics such as logos and custom window tint. Contact us today for more information.

Residential Tinting

Residential window tinting creates a modern finish to your home. As backyards become smaller and neighbours closer, Dan The Tinting Man provides the perfect solution to help you maintain your privacy and security. Dark and reflective window tint is available, so you can see out, but outsiders cannot see in. Window tint helps protect your furniture from UV rays and reduces glare on the television. We also offer window frosting for bathrooms and front doors. There is no minimum order for the number of windows we tint. Dan The Tinting Man tints windows, glass ceilings and glass window features. All residential window tinting comes with a lifetime warranty.

Commercial Tinting

Dan The Tinting Man tints windows for businesses of all sizes. From the home office to corporate building, Dan The Tinting Man uses a quality product made in the US which has a 10 year commercial guarantee. Window tinting in offices is becoming increasingly popular as it not only looks professional, but provides added security and is a cost effective insulation. Air Conditioning running costs are reduced, which helps businesses reduce greenhouse gases. We also provide glass frosting for office partitions and shop front tinting.

Dan The Tinting Man can also provide your business with all of your glass tinting needs. We have a large range of commercial window film available such as:

  • Frosting for office partitions
  • Chrome tint (reflective) for security
  • Coloured window tint
  • Security film
  • Glass upgrade for Family Day Care businesses
  • Anti-Graffiti film and more
  • We can also provide shop front sign writing and window decorations
The Tinting Man