Tinting Prices

  • Utes (Single Cab) = Enquire direct
  • Utes (Extra Cab) = Enquire direct
  • Utes (Dual Cab) = Enquire direct
  • Sedan or Hatch = Enquire direct
  • Station Wagon = Enquire direct
  • 4WD = Enquire direct (poppers & sliders additional)
  • Trucks = Enquire direct
  • Excavators = Enquire direct

Tint Removal Services

Tint removal services range from $50 – $200.

Gift Vouchers

The Tinting Man now offers gift vouchers to any customer wanting to surprise their special someone with a thoughtful present.

Important Notes

All prices quoted are for 35% carbon ceramic window film (NSW legal). Window film comes with a lifetime warranty. Darker films are available at no additional cost.

Please note that 20%, 15%, and 5% films are not legal on NSW roads.

The Tinting Man